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The management of KASPER TS (transport services) company are both trained and professionally experienced in transportation and delivery. We take great care of our long-standing image as a and reliable business partner, focusing on the quality of our services as well as on good work relationships with our customers.

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KASPER TS s.r.o. company was founded in 2016. Prior to that, we were well known as NEWMEN'S – a company that was originally founded in 1999. Since the beginning, we focused on truck transport. In 2009, we diversified our services by the purchase of machinery that allows us to transport also oversize cargo that is otherwise commonly hard to truck. New premises with our own repair shop now also allow us to offer motor vehicle services, including trucks, utility vehicles, buses and agricultural machinery.

In order to guarantee stable quality of our services, as well as to stand a chance in our increasingly competetive line of business, we decided to implement in our corporate processes the management system defined by the  ISO 9001:2008 norm,


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